Bay News 9 Everyday Hero: Veturia Preston started the non-profit, “Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay” to help feed the hungry in the Bay area.

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Founder / President

Veturia is of Eastern European descent. She, her parents, and 2 younger sisters escaped from Romania while under Ceaucescu’s communist regime and moved to Germany in hopes of building a new life free of the tyranny experienced in their home country. Veturia arrived in Germany at the age of 10 with only one suitcase and one teddy bear in her arms. Her early childhood in Romania was deeply impacted by the love and care of her loving and faith filled Grandmother whose name she carries, and who helped raise her and taught her the immeasurable value of sharing and caring for others in the community.

Veturia is the Founder and President of Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay, which was born in response to an unexpected turn of events in Veturia’s own personal life. Her motivation to feed the hungry and underprivileged is personally founded and roots in honor of her Grandmother whose spirit continues to guide her heart through all her charitable and personal life’s journeys.

Veturia’s mission is to contribute to creating a world (and specifically a community in Tampa Bay) where generosity and goodness still prevail. She truly believes, and has seen how one act of charitable nature can help restore faith, hope and dignity in a person’s life and help create a future free of hunger. Veturia dedicates most of her time and efforts towards her charitable organization as well as to raising her family and teaching her children her life’s mission of loving and sharing with those in less fortunate positions.

We encourage you to make a donation and make a difference in a person’s life in need today. We can assure you that your generosity will be a blessing to others who truly need it, and we guarantee that 100 percent of your donation is allocated toward the families in need in our community!


Vice President

Estella has spent nearly a decade serving, building and leading important local outreach efforts for Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay. She has inherited her heart for giving from her mother Veturia who founded the organization in 2012.

In addition to her position with Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay, Estella serves as President of Make-A-Wish at the Academy of the Holy Names, President of Crochet for Charity at the Academy of the Holy Names and Fundraising Coordinator for Best Buddies at Academy of the Holy Names. Simultaneously she has fulfilled the role of Student Ambassador of Leadership for Tampa Bay Harvest where in cooperation with Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay we have the opportunity to supply nutritious food and other support to thousands of local families each year.


Board Member

Kerry’s background is in the hospital and health care industry. She currently provides care as an RN at University Community Hospital in Tampa. Kerry serves as the Secretary with Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay. Her highly intuitive, compassionate, and faith oriented nature knows no boundaries in the world of charitable activities. She is very involved and supportive of numerous charitable events in our community and always there wherever the need may be in helping others that are less fortunate.


Board Member

Blake is a real estate developer with the vision of a community built upon giving rather than taking. Blake has spent more than two years patiently carving out and developing a little piece of paradise nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina named Overlook Brasstown, a naturally handcrafted mountain-view community located between Murphy & Hayesville in the charming, upscale Brasstown community.

Blake lives by his belief that to whom much is given, much is expected of. At the end of the day, it’s about what you have done for others that really matters.

Blake was our inspirational guide as the idea of Our Daily Bread Tampa Bay was born, and his long-term involvement on the advisory board of The Salvation Army Tampa has become a wonderful introduction to the impact we can make in the community. His relationships have helped create multiple productive partnerships in the early stages of our efforts to help provide food to those in need.

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