We are commited to directing people in need in our community to find the necessary community resources available to them. We work with christian based charities and community businesses to provide the funding, food and resources Veterans and their family need to help them retain their independance and health.


Housing and shelter are basic needs, the truth is that there are too many people without these two things. We can direct people to find shelter and get food, while trying to find resources to help them inhabit a safe environment to live.


We will help with finding educational training services to help people in our community get trained and educated properly for a better future. Direction for attaining grants and financial aid for schooling necessary for entering or reentering the work place.


Families that are going through trouble often times don’t have enough money to get their kids get to school and nourish them properly. They need help providing transportation, meal funding and educational support.


Veterans and their families go through hard times, especiallly in this economy. Many people have lost their homes and livelyhoods and need support to get back in their niche. Resume help, grant writing help and vocation training guidance is vital. Jobs are out their and sometimes assistance is crucial in helping people find the right one.


Children often don’t understand when they have a home and family one minute and then everything falls apart. They can be affected and saddened by these unfortunate events. Support is vital to help children cope and feel love through these trying times. We can help families with providing helpful resources to help kids transition in a more positive way.